The first laptop case designed to support your beloved machine on the desk and on your body.

BELO, a stylish, elegant support formed from a strong and protective case.

Slip your computer out and BELO assumes a wedge, giving you a nonslip, comfortably-inclined typing plane.

Before BELO, laptops were bad on the lap. Now, BELO forms an ergonomic interface between you and your computer, hugging and gripping your legs, insulating you from your computer, making laptop use more secure and comfortable.

Reassuringly close
Comfortably inclined
Elegantly stored
Digital Embrace

How to get supported:

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Get in first. The earlier you pledge on Kickstarter, the cheaper your BELO will be.

Lucky 13. At this time, BELO is only available for 13” machines, up to 327mm long, up to 229mm wide & up to 20mm thick.

Email us if you’d like a different size.

Kickstarter Video Preview